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Creative and energized, Mare Leonard is a poet, teacher, facilitator, writer and traveler.  

Mare Leonard's poetry has appeared in The Naugatuck Review, Hubbub, Cloudbank, The Chronogram, Earth's Daughter, Ilya's Honey A Rat's Ass Review, Perfume River, The Courtship of Wind, New Verse News,  Bindweed,  Forage,  Eunoia.

She  recently won the First Finalist award in the NY State Di Biase Poetry Contest.  

Mare Leonard lives in an old school house on the Rondout and away from her own personal blackboard, she teaches writing workshops for all ages through the Institute for Writing and Thinking and the MAT program at Bard College.

“Mindfulness–paying attention on purpose in the present moment non-judgmentally–immediately restores us to our wholeness, to that right inward measure that’s at the root of both meditation and medicine,”

- John Kabat-Zinn

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