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Mare Leonard Bio

Mare Leonard has always been a NYC person but has lived and worked in the Hudson Valley almost fifty years. She taught at Kingston High School and then at UCCC and Trinity College and finally led workshops through IWT at Bard College.

While  working at KHS she had a number of grants to travel and learn and those experiences influenced her poems tremendously. Most of the time it is the little or unexpected events that led to her poems and fiction. The produce clerk at Hinky Dinky in Des Moines saying hello , how are you  led to the title poem in her chapbook, The Sweet and Lowdown.


Presently she is teaching a course on pedagogy for Bard, supervising student teachers.


"Mary Leonard is a wonderful teacher--we had faith in where she was leading us. She established herself as a trustworthy, compassionate and willing teacher who was also  humorous and willing to reveal her process."


- Lisa Melanson, Cape Elizabeth Schools, Maine

Summer participant in Writing and Thinking

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