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On The High Seas

By Mare Leonard

How do I tell you, Life, 
I am tired of your stealing
my dreams, hopes, desires
as if they are loot you can haul away
and present to some other. Who the hell
is paying you anyway? You can’t fool 
me. I know the patch over your eye,
The doo rag, the parrot that recites
Submit, submit…all lame tricks
Your ship may sail in open seas,
above the law, but what if
I sneak aboard. I can do that.
Your men would freak out.
It’s bad luck to have a woman
on board. I’d wear some push up
lacy bra, garters, black stockings,
some high heels for your high seas.  
No doubt about my intentions. 
You would all cower by the tall mast
and I would seduce my dreams and desires,
showing you a thing or two, my Life, you.


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