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Newbie to Blogging

I am writing some ekphrastic poems today one from the Erotica exhibit at thePicasso museum in Paris and another

around a very different Monet work, the Japanese Bridge, I believe is the title.

But I am excited to try this assignment from The Poetry Barn--a great site by the way.

poetry exercise color

Pick a color, any color. Make a list of everything you see during your day that had that color in it on it around it represented by it etc. Then take that list and find associations you didn't expect and

A) take certain items from your list and make another list of unexpectedly related things.

B) take your list and pull two items from it and make two separate poems that relate to each other unexpectedly, through color or beyond it.

C) write a poem that doesn't use color at all but is on the subject of things related to each other by your color.

As always make it your own!

over labrador

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